Create a society around loving the nature


Create awareness around nature's wonders. Make the world live in love with nature


We believe in fullness of life by being grateful to both animate and inanimate domains of this wonderful nature in the order they stand for our well being

Swasti is an organisation established in 2016 aiming at social wellness with a focus on supporting the society live close to nature to live healthy which is the basis to lead a happy life. We believe that the core progress can be achieved by creating such a platform to help widen our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and thus encouraging humanity to stay simple and close to nature.

We call for achieving this aim by leading a moderate lifestyle and with a continuous improvement.

We encourage and support healthy life style by, helping people with the knowledge of close to nature living habits, such as organic farming, natural energy solution ideas, building mud houses, usage of natural medicines around us, conducting trips to forests and also by forming an association of like minded people to spread awareness on all these virtues.

Our wellness will be possible only when we give back to the nature as each creatures do here.

We encourage and associate with like minded people, institutions and organizations.

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Volunteer Manager - Social Responsibilty
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Service Staff
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